TMS- Week One

Just a normal Thursday, really. The babies were down for their morning nap and though tired and very ready for Chad to be home for the weekend, I was unloading the dishwasher when I wanted to be napping myself. I was psyching myself up to do the chores that I had planned for that day during their morning nap since for the next 7 weeks, I am commuting down to Presbyterian Hospital for TMS treatments during their afternoon nap. This week was the first full week of treatment and today would be my fourth trip downtown in 4 days and to be honest, I was already feeling over it. An hour commute roundtrip for an 18 minute treatment felt tiresome.

I started checking things off my list like dusting and wiping down my kitchen counters. As I moved to start a load of laundry, I thought to myself “I should open the blinds”. Clearly, this is crazy talk because I’m the consummate blinds-closed lady. I like when it’s dark and cozy and you can curl and watch a show or read a book, neither of which I had time to do anymore. I’ve always said I loved rainy days but in truth, I kinda hate them now. The only thing harder than moving two kids around is moving them around in the rain. And hello, the humidity? My fragile postpartum hair needs no help with not looking it’s best. So I opened the blinds around my kitchen table. Correction: I opened the blinds that were already up half-mast because two babies think that playing with them is the height of entertainment. I systematically moved around to all the other windows on the first floor and did the same. And just that action and the realization that it had occurred to me to allow light in made me realize that slowly, I’m getting better. I’m getting less depressed. I’m less anxious. I have more energy than I ever remember having. And it’s not nervous energy, it’s real motivation. My neurons are firing. And this magnet is working.

The metaphor wasn’t lost on me. The light is breaking in and the darkness is receding. I found myself equal parts joyous and terrified. What if it doesn’t last? What if tomorrow, it’s gone and I feel the heaviness again? But sure as the sun poured in, I could feel a difference. I’ve had 5 sessions. 5 18 minutes cycles of the coil “tapping” on my frontal cortex and getting things moving that feel as if they have been dead. I did two treatments last week and then went two days without them on the weekend. This weekend sucked! I felt like my brain was freaking out. They warned me that it could be a rough time and it was. My brain was liking the magnet and it was having to go without it. I felt more energy than I have felt in months after my first treatment last Thursday. I haven’t felt that consistently but it made me feel hopeful. Today, I felt undeniably, indescribably good. And I still had poopy diapers to change and mouths to feed but I felt good. I cried I felt so good. And if I wake up tomorrow and I have to force myself to go through the motions, I know that I will be grateful for just feeling good today. And hopeful that the next 31 treatments make today look like mediocre.

If today, 5 treatments in, is a promise of what’s to come, then Praise the Lord. I know it just as much as I know that Leia won’t sleep throughout her whole nap and Luke will be so excited to eat avocado that he doesn’t chew it. I know that if I create the opportunity, light will shine in. That’s how sunlight works. And that’s how the Lord works too. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, He will shine in if only I allow Him to.

Small Update: 7 treatments down, 29 to go. The blinds are still open. They are wide, wide open. God is faithful and good and magnets are amazing.


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